Paul Mansell writes; I joined the Benefice as Vicar relatively recently, in March 2010. Before that I served my curacy in a group of parishes near Aylesbury, in Buckinghamshire. I am married to Jane and have three children who attend the local primary and secondary schools. I am an enthusiastic supporter of the Oxford Diocese ‘Living Faith’ initiative. Faith is a wonderful gift which must be treasured through all the highs and lows of everyday living. Sustaining that sacred centre requires time and effort but the reward is eternal life. We live in a beautiful part of West Oxfordshire where the Glory of God is so everywhere apparent and I am fortunate to share my own journey with many lovely people within this Benefice. 
Sarah Jones writes; I came to Forest Edge when I was first ordained in 2004 to serve my curacy; when that time was finished I realised that I loved it so much here that I asked for the Bishop's permission to stay as an Associate Priest. I really enjoy being part of these village communities, and sharing in the cycle of life as we journey along together.
If you believe all that you see in the media, you might mistakenly think that the church is becoming irrelevant in people's lives. I feel really strongly that we are being given a huge opportunity to gather up all we hold dear about 'church', to meet all the challenges this 21st century gives us, and by the grace of the Holy Spirit move forward together to show people on a daily basis just how important God is in all our lives. I think it's all really exciting!!
I also love being an ordained Nurse Practioner, how lucky am I, having not one, but TWO jobs that are so fulfilling!?
Oh, the other thing is that I am a great rugby fan. I am a season ticket holder for Saracens. Which leads to some interesting conversations...................."

Jane Hanson writes; I have lived in the village for many years with my husband Neil and our two children. I was a Cartographic Draughtsperson for 23 years, until 2009, when I decided to take some time off to enjoy family life a bit more, aswell as doing some voluntary work. I am now looking forward to new challenges that lay ahead, including working for the Benefice and some part-time study.

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Four parishes within the Cotswolds