Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals


If you are planning to get married, congratulations! Our four beautiful and historic churches offer a joyful setting.




Also known as a Christening, this is the start of a Christian journey in faith.




The death of a loved one is always a difficult time. We will offer the best support we can.


Please be assured, we will do all we can to make your special day both joyful and meaningful. We will offer a warm welcome to your family and friends.

A marriage in the Church of England combines both Christian celebration and the requirements that ensure you are legally married under British Law. There are many options available within a Church of England marriage service and the clergy within this Benefice will be happy to discuss this with you as you plan your special day.

Baptisms (Christenings)

If you are thinking about a baptism for yourself or your child, we will be pleased to explore this with you. When babies and small children are baptised this is frequently called a Christening. There is no difference regarding the service.

Baptisms are a great occasion for celebration as a person is welcomed into the church family. All our baptisms are included within the main act of worship on most Sundays, as each person makes their start in their journey of faith. Every journey is different - some start in early childhood whilst others are adults. In this Benefice we welcome both children and adults in making this important public step.


If you would like a member of the clergy to come and pray with a loved one who is near death, or offer the Last Rites, please get in touch. This can be a source of great comfort and strength to those nearing the end of their earthly lives.

Church of England funerals are open to all and we are always willing to conduct funerals for anyone within the Benefice. In the first instance, we suggest you make contact with a local Funeral Director. They will be able to make enquiries and arrangements on your behalf. The Funeral Director will make contact with the clergy here in this Benefice. We will then call you to discuss arrangements for the funeral.

Church Services


Friday 12th July

6.30pm, Evening Prayer, Wilcote


Sunday 14th July

10.30am, Holy Communion, CW, Ramsden

6.00pm, Evening Prayer, Leafield


Friday 19th July

6.30pm, Evening Prayer, Wilcote


Sunday 21st July

10.30am, Holy Communion, CW, Finstock















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